CEO/Creative Director


Established in 2008, Afrodesiac Worldwide is a cultural lifestyle brand, expressive of contemporary afro-urban style around the globe. From Brooklyn to Brixton, Jamaica to Johannesburg, Addis Ababa to Accra. Our vision is to become a premier lifestyle brand, pioneering a cultural revolution in fashion.

Our mission is to present afro urban style globally" while creating a platform of self expression. We aim to take fashion out of the realm of pretense and herald the motto "leave your ego...bring your soul".

#EmpowerHer #AfroWW

Jacquelyn D. Dakudzie

Executive Assistant - Afrodesiac Worldwide Group

Assumpta Dickens

Brand Manager - Africa

Osato Erebor

Brand Manager, Intl. + Creative Development

Afrodesiac Worldwide Integrates contemporary design against cultural references and a kaleidoscope of modern luxurious African fabrics. Each collection is developed to illustrate the beauty of cultural exchange through fashion, a combination of sophistication and heritage. Fusing retro design with non traditional African prints, have become our design signature.

We celebrate the cosmopolitan side of Africa, it's influence on style throughout the globe and it's contribution to our cultural past, present and future.

From our signature infinity dresses and halters, handmade with fabrics from throughout the continent, to our vibrant jumpsuits and hand pounded brass jewelry made with pre-colonial coins from Ghana. Our African roots run deep in our design aesthetic.

At the same time, we celebrate afro style in the diaspora that extends to the streets of London, New York, Trinidad, Brazil and Paris. Redefining the landscape we intend to integrate fashion with the larger global community and elevate afro urban chic to the catwalks of the fashion world, adding such cities as Brooklyn, Kingston and Accra to the list of fashion capitals.