Ethically Made in Ghana.

Each Afrodesiac Worldwide product is hand made with love, providing jobs, fair wages and economic empowerment for the women and men we employ.

Fashion With A Purpose

Support local artisans, sending girls to school and our other worthy projects by purchasing Afrodesiac Worldwide products.

At Afrodesiac Worldwide we believe as global citizens it is our responsibility to align our business practices and goals with our impact on society. As a result, we are committed to the welfare of our workers and the communities in which we manufacture our products.

We proudly manufacture our products in Africa and each garment and accessory is hand made with meticulous care.

We aim to be a creative and sustainable entrepreneurial venture that contributes to the economic empowerment of the women and men we employ and our communities.



A portion of the proceeds from each Afrodesiac Worldwide purchase is donated to our non-for-profit organization

The Revolutionary Underground Foundation.